Schroth Cure

The Original Oberstaufen Schroth Cure according to Johann Schroth

The doctrines of the Silesian doctor, Johann Schroth, have been administered here in the Alps since 1949. The Cure which Johann Schroth developed over 180 years ago, has been carefully tailored to our present day demands. He was the first to realise how important the body’s self-healing powers are. People who are ill can relieve their metabolic system by fasting, helping their digestive system, setting energy free, which in turn causes a natural regeneration. Through the naturopathic treatment the body detoxifies and purifies, enabling regeneration.
Illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, gout and rheumatics can be successfully treated, with a reduction of heavy medication, lasting up to 10 months.

The combination of the four basic elements detoxes and relieves the body within a matter of weeks. It is ideal to invest in your health with just two to three weeks of self-discipline.
This combination of Schroth Cure & a healthy holiday is the best way to a more “health conscious” way of living.

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The price for carrying out a Schroth Cure starts from € 79,00 per day/person (excluding the daily visitor’s tax )

The following services are included in the price:

  • Overnight stay
  • Cure diet and Cure drinks
  • The supplies needed for the daily Schroth Cure body packs
  • The prescribed morning teas, served before the early morning body pack treatment.
  • 2 days gentle build-up diet
  • 1x breakfast on the day of departure

You will be invoiced separately for the following:

  • Schroth Cure body packs (currently € 14,50 per treatment)
  • Doctor’s fees
  • Massage treatments
  • Extra prescribed supplementary diets

Please click on the link for more detailed information about the Schroth Cure. There is also a PDF brochure available to download, with specific medical advice for diabetics and sufferers from other metabolic syndrome disorders.

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